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We enjoyed these very much! We followed the instructions enclosed to keep the Oysters cooled properly. We served some the same day we received them and the rest the following evening. They were perfect! We will order again!

Beautiful new Caviar from ICO

We loved this new caviar from Island Creek! The label is beautiful; the bead size was large, and flavor was delicate and tasted delicious with our accoutrement! We tried this next to the other type from the same farm, so we could have a fun comparison (Siberian and White Sturgeon). So different from each other. We will definitely order this new white label again.

Tasty Oysters with Wine at Sundown

Oysters were very fresh and all of them were alive. Deep cups holding plenty of delicious nectar. Not very difficult to shuck and well worth the effort.

At Home Oyster Perfection

Once you get the hang of shucking, these are so delicious. Shipping was easy and oysters were chilled perfectly for transport. Such a fun appetizer for our family party!

Elizabeth on August 23, 2022
Jane on August 4, 2022
Andrew on August 25, 2022
Erin on August 24, 2022