ICO Subscription Packages

Welcome to our Summer Farm Share Info Page.  We have 3 options, the Chef Share and Shell Share, which are available from June through October, and our Oyster of the Month Club which is available all year round.  We hope that one of these packages will be something that you look forward to enjoying each month with friends and family.

The Chef Share will include New England seafood, along with ingredients from local purveyors, farmers, fisherman, cheese makers and butchers. Each shipment will include a dozen oysters to highlight where our love of seafood began. In addition to sourcing the best ingredients, we are teaming up with some of our favorite local chefs to create unique recipes each month for the perfect summer meal for four.  The main components of the dish are included in your package - chefs not included!

The Shell Share will focus on locally caught and farmed shellfish from New England. Each shipment will include a dozen oysters to highlight where our love of seafood began.  Each month you will receive information about where the shellfish comes from, how to work with it, and the grower or harvester behind the product. You can expect one to two products per month, most likely including items such as oysters, clams, shrimp, and lobsters!  

Just want oysters? Check out our Oyster of the Month Club. It runs year round and is shipped the last Wednesday for Thursday of every month. Each box includes 50 oysters from a different oyster farm. The package includes info on where the oysters are grown, flavor profile, and quirky facts about the growers!