Farm Share and Oyster of the Month FAQ's


Can I change my delivery date?

Because we source all of the product specifically for our subscription services, we cannot change delivery dates. However, we have an easy to use portal to change your address each month. Check out each product page to see when it ships!

When is each Share or Subscription delivered?

The Shell Share is delivered or picked up the SECOND FRIDAY of each month - June through October (5 shipments).

The Chef Share is delivered or picked up the LAST FRIDAY of each month - June through October (5 shipments).

Oyster of the Month Club is delivered the LAST THURSDAY of each month - all year round!

Can I pick up my Shell or Chef Share?

Boston crew! We know the pickup location and timing was tricky last summer  - this year the pick up will be Friday at BRIX Wine Shop in the Financial District (105 Broad Street) from 3-7pm to make it easier for everyone to get there after work! Pre-order or grab a bottle of wine suggested and paired by the BRIX Wine Shop crew on the way out!

Duxbury Crew! Pick up times will be during our Shop store hours on the dates of pickup. 

Metro West Crew! We are excited to offer a pick up at Island Creek Oyster Bar in Burlington! Free parking, and there will be a few Chef "demos" throughout the Share. The team at Island Creek Oyster Bar will help you with shucking techniques, how to clean your shrimp, or assist with tips for your recipe throughout the summer if you arrive between 3-5pm. Pickups will be available from 3-7pm on your pickup date.

Oyster of the Month Club - we currently only ship this program, but check out our Shop in Duxbury for a variety of daily product.

How many people will my Share feed?

For our Chef Share - plan on dinner for 4. For our Shell Share, it is a bit more flexible. For a meal it will feed 2-4 hungry people. If it is just your starter for the evening, it could feed 4-6!

How will my Farm Share be packaged?

We pack the Farm Shares in boxes with coolers, and food safe gel packs so you can travel home safely with your seafood. The boxes will be 19 inches by 12 inches and about 5-10 pounds so please make sure the basket on your bike is big enough to get it home!

If you are a “shipping” customer, we also include time-temperature indicators in the box so you will know that your package has stayed cool enough through transit!

What is the shelf life for my package?

The oysters in each package will last for about a week in the refrigerator. Some of the other product (lobsters, shrimp, etc.) will need to be eaten over the weekend after your Share arrives. We will always let you know if there are any notes about when your Share needs to be prepared.

Still have questions? Email us at or call the office at 781-934-2028

Bon appetit!