2017 Summer Shell Share

  • 2017 Summer Shell Share
  • 2017 Summer Shell Share
  • 2017 Summer Shell Share
  • 2017 Summer Shell Share
  • 2017 Summer Shell Share
  • 2017 Summer Shell Share

The Island Creek Shell Share is a monthly subscription which will highlight the quality shellfish coming out of our local waters throughout the summer season. Each shipment will include one or two featured items such as head-on shrimp, countneck clams, razor clams, or lobsters (and whatever else we can get our hands on!) Each package will also contain information about the harvester, tips on how to prepare the products, and a dozen oysters from a New England farm, (because, c’mon – we can’t send you a package without ‘em). The Share will run from June through October and will be delivered on the second Friday of each month. This offering can be shipped directly to your door anywhere across the U.S. (a great gift idea!), or picked up in our ICO Duxbury Retail Shop, BRIX Wine Shop in downtown Boston (105 Broad Street location), or Island Creek Oyster Bar in Burlington, MA.  Invite some friends over and impress them with your shucking skills or gather around the grill and knock back some clams. All you need is some lemon and a good bottle of wine. Come on summer!

The Shell Share will be delivered or picked up on the SECOND Friday of each month.

For FAQ's and more info on PICKUP locations (and perks!) please click here.

Below is a list of 4 out of the 5 monthly shipments*:

  • Oysters
  • Sky8 Shrimp and Mussels
  • Razor Clams and countneck clams
  • 4 lobsters

Below is a list of some of our farming friends*:

  • New England Oyster Farms
  • Plymouth Bay Lobster
  • Sky8 Shrimp Farm
  • Wellfleet Clam Aquaculture
  • Maine Sea Scallop Aquaculture

*Products, purveyors, and contents subject to change (farming ain't easy!)

Delivery/Pickup Dates

  • June 9th
  • July 14th
  • August 11th
  • September 8th
  • October 13th


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