Winnegance Oysters from West Bath, ME


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Farmer: Jordan Kramer

Location: New Meadows River, West Bath, ME

How they’re grown: Oysters are kept in floating cages for most of their two year grow out. Once they are almost market size, they are moved to lantern nets to finish. The area is relatively deep open water, so the oysters get a good tumbling from mother nature before being plucked from the water— yielding strong shells with nice deep cups.

Size: 3" - 3.5" on average

How they taste: Wildly complex and savory – dare we say...chicken noodle soup? There is a distinct chicken sweetness paired with stewed onions and fresh herbs.

Why they’re unique: Jordan had a biology and ecology background. He is putting it to good use not only growing oysters, but also conducting aquaculture research on his grant. Last year, he tested 2 experimental cage designs that use tidal power to self-clean. This year he is trying to grow clams out adjacent to his oyster site.

Story: Jordan accesses his farm by boat, a 20’ Pointer named Muffin II. He has no idea where the name came from, nor what happened to Muffin I. One name he does know the origins of is Winnegance, it is the Abenaki name for the portage between the New Meadows and Kennebec Rivers---a stone’s throw from where Jordan’s lease is located.