Whitestone Oysters from Windmill Point, VA


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Size: 100 count

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In the face of thousands of restaurant closures, we have made a significant portion of our product collection - normally only reserved for the nation’s best chefs and restaurants - available to order for delivery at wholesale pricing.

These oysters are available for delivery on Thursday, March 19th and Friday, March 20th ONLY.

Farmer: Tom Perry

Location: Windmill Point, VA

How They’re Grown: White Stones spend their entire living off the bottom in floating cages anchored to the bay floor. The area sees a lot of wave action, so the oysters are constantly in motion, pruning their shells all the while tumbling in the surf. The tides here bottom out at about 4 feet, so on a calm day, the crew can harvest by hand instead of working over the side of their boat.

How They Taste: Mushroom and vegetal notes are at the forefront and give way to a salty miso finish.

Why They’re Unique: There are plenty of people in the Chesapeake area growing oysters, but these guys are one of the first to do it in floating cages. This process yields deep cups and thick polished shells that shuck like a dream!

Size: 2.5”

Story: Tom graduated from college with a business degree and in an interest in Aquaculture. He and a friend embarked on a 6-month cross country trek to see the industry at work in other states before settling back at home in the Mid-Atlantic where he started his farm in 2012.