Weskeag Oysters from South Thomaston, Maine

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Farmer: Ralph Hamill and Karl Reinhold

Location: South Thomaston, Maine

How They’re Grown: They farm over 7 acres in a salt marsh estuary. This area of Maine is pristine (okay, fine most of Maine is pristine), full of small, rural farms and beautiful coastline. The oyster seed spends around 2-4 months in up-wellers before being distributed to either the muddy ocean floor or bags where they grow until around 2-4 years old before being brought to you.

How They Taste: These shells are squeaky clean and petite! The meat has a blast of brine upfront and slaps you around with sweet cream and parsnip finish.

Why They’re Unique: The name of the oyster originates from the Abenaki Native American’s name for ‘tidal creek’ or ‘salt creek.’

Size: 2.5”

Story: Ralph is a man of many talents. Back in the day, he was the resident Cardiologist for the Chicago Cubs. In 1986, shortly after moving to Maine, he started farming Steelhead Trout. This quickly spurred his interest in all types of aquaculture and being on the water. In 2001, he invested in the Weskeag River Shellfish Farm And became the manager in 2008. Aside from these passions, he is still a fulltime Cardiologist! His hockey pal, Karl Reinhold, is his fulltime farm assistant, running the day to day operations with a crew of three.

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