Wellfleet Large Oysters from Wellfleet, MA


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Quantity: 50 Count

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Farmers: Mike Devasto 

Location: Wellfleet, MA, CCB11MA/CCB14MA

Size: 3 - 3.5”

How they're grown: Some Wellfleet seed comes from our very own hatchery!  The seed is either placed in bags on racks on the ocean floor or bottom planted for grow-out, depending on the grower.  The leases are super close to the mouth of the Blackfish Creek Estuary, a brackish salt pond that provides tons of food (delicious algae and plankton) for the oysters to eat. Big, quick tides move swiftly through the beds twice a day giving the oysters their distinctive high salinity and crisp minerality.  During the winter, all gear is removed from the water to prevent storms and ice from destroying the oysters.

How they taste: Wellfleets are well renowned for their intensely briny taste (think big blast of ocean water) and clean finish.  They also have a defined vegetal undertone from the bottom planting. Well-defined adductor muscles and plump, juicy meats make for a tender, chewy bite.

Why they're unique: Wellfleet is a famed oyster town!  There are over 100 small growers in Wellfleet, many of whom work alongside their family members, keeping the old-fashioned farming traditions alive.  We select oysters from seven top-notch growers in the Wellfleet shellfish community to provide the classic New England oyster experience.

 California Prop 65 Warning