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Warren Cove Oysters from Plymouth, MA

Warren Cove have a true 'food flavor' - slightly savory, with a hit of straight salt. These petite oysters are easy to shuck and easy to love. 

Farmer:  Jim O'Shea

Location: Plymouth, MA

Size: 2"

Farming Technique: Jim works 4 acre grant on White’s Flat in Plymouth Bay. The crew nurses seed in floating bags before transferring the crop to trays for the duration of their grow out. The farm is located a quick boat ride from shore, about a quarter of a mile, and the oysters are harvested by hand at low tide.

Unique Factor: Oyster farming in Plymouth has seen a resurgence in popularity over the past few years, in order to get a grant you have to play the town lottery! Jim was able to side-step that process because we was so instrumental in getting the town farming program off the ground.

Salinity:  About a 7 out of 10 (a bit brinier than the ICOs)

Flavor Notes:  These oysters take nearly 3 years to reach market size, which means the cups are deep and shells rock hard! Straight brine and full of meat.

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