Tumblecan Oysters from Duxbury, MA

These oysters are available for delivery THIS WEEK ONLY. Please select your delivery date at check out accordingly.

So...before we get into the details, let's just say that these are NEVER available online, we only sell them to chefs and they are tumbled little grenades of perfection. If you are reading this now, trust us - get them!

Farmer: Skip Bennett

Location: Duxbury Bay, MA

How they’re grown: The Tumblecans spend their infancy growing out at Saquish in trays amongst the Aunt Dottys. Once they reach about an inch and a half, they are transferred to SEPA gear (small cylindrical baskets) that rise and fall with the
tide and tumble in the surf.

Size: 2.5”

How they taste: Outrageous toothy texture coupled with a clean mellow sweetness. Basically perfect.

Why they’re unique: Tumblecans are only harvested for a few months in the late fall and early winter when the waves are rollicking and can really make the Tumblecans shine.

Story: A few years back, while hanging out at South Beach Wine & Food Festival, the ICO crew shared a few late-night drinks with the famed chef and restaurateur Paul Kahan. Paul was a longtime loyal customer, buying oysters for The Publican and his other Chicago hotspots, and he had a plan---he wanted us to grow him a Publican Oyster. He and his crew came out to Duxbury in the spring to plant some seed, and the rest, as they say, is history.


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