Taunton Bay Oysters from Bar Harbor, Maine


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Farmer: Mike Briggs

Location: Taunton Bay, ME (near Bar Harbor)

How They’re Grown: These oysters are grown like Island Creeks: The seed is placed in upwellers until they become the size of large coins. Next, they grow in floating trays for a year before being bottom planted. Cold Maine waters mean they take significantly more time to reach market size, about three years. The oysters are hand-harvested year round by the farm’s dive.

How They Taste: These oysters have plump, buttery meats with a balanced brine.

Why They’re Unique: This estuary has ‘reversing fall’ tides, meaning they are crazy extreme with 14 feet tidal shifts that often create rapids where the river makes the narrow passage to the sea. The bay never completely drains hence
they need a diver to harvest their crop.

Size: 2.5”

Story: Mike has always loved sustainable, local seafood. He ran Maine crab and shrimp operations for years before diving (ha) into the oyster business and has been doing this for 15+ years. He is a true Mainer, loving both the bounties of the ocean and the land.