Spring Creek Oysters from Barnstable, MA


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Farmer: Paul Hamlin

Location: Barnstable, MA

Size: 3"

How they’re grown: Like many Barnstable oysters, the Spring Creeks are grown above the sand in rack and bags (their nursery) and are moved to trays (final grow out). They are tumbled at various points in the process to promote their nice deep cup and round shape.

How they taste: They have a beautifully delicate and mild flavor. It’s a big lease, so the oysters are planted at a very low density. They also get all of the best nutrients the surrounding creeks have to offer, so they have thick shells and great meat texture. If the Moon Shoals, which are grown nearby but further out into the bay, are rock stars (with knock your socks off fruit, salt, and cream) the Spring Creeks are ballerinas — beautiful, complex, and sweet.

Why they’re unique: Barnstable Harbor’s drastic tides (14 feet) are a contributing factor to the flavor imparted onto these wonderful bivalves. The tides bring in salty ocean water and pull nutrient rich water from the marsh.

Story: Coming from a family of farmers and shellfisherman, Paul has been on the water working with oysters and clams his entire life! Paul graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy in 2010 and started his farm in Barnstable soon thereafter, following in the footsteps of his parents. Paul has been steadily growing his operation since then, as he looks to expand into new acreage as family members retire.

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