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Spindrift Oysters from Westport, MA

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Farmer: Toph Jusseaume

Location: Westport, MA

How They’re Grown: These oysters are grown on 3 acres at the mouth of the Westport River. The seed is placed in trays on the river’s shore. These trays are exposed 25-50% of the day due to the tide depending on location. Bags are moved around to keep the oysters’ exposure consistent from bag to bag. When around .5” in
size, the oysters are moved to bottom cages on the ocean floor. They take around 24 months to grow to market size.

How They Taste: Complex brine with a hint of sweet cream on the finish

Why They’re Unique: These cages are constantly handled. Because they are grown at the mouth of the Westport River, the equipment needs to be maintained all the time. They are also able to harvest all year long because he can move the oysters to deep
waters to protect them during winter storms and ice. What a guy!

Size: 2.5”

Story: Toph is a family man. He got into the oyster business after spending 10 years as a Civil Engineer and 5 years as a stay at home Dad. He fell in love with oyster farming because it allows him to have a flexible schedule to spend time with his children and to be outdoors. He loves the water so much that he named the oysters after the nautical term ‘Spindrift,’ referring to the mist sprayed from a crashing wave. We think these oysters taste like a slap of fresh, salty air, too!