Sheepscot Oysters from Sheepscot River, Maine


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Size: 50 Count

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Farmer: Chris Warner

Location: Sheepscot River, Maine

How They're Grown: Sheepscot Oysters are grown 20 miles west of their sister oyster, the Ocean Kiss - in you guessed it, the Sheepscot River. With up to 10 feet swells in rough ocean seas, mother nature does most of the work of tumbling these oysters to get to nice deep cuts.

How They Taste: Just a touch of salinity - bright, creamy finish.

Size: Selects (2.5")

Story: Chris Warner has a long history as a fisherman (32 years!), but like the industry, he has evolved and adapted along with the changes. He started out dragging when he was only 15, worked on a big steel, shrimping vessel, and even spent time harvesting wild sea urchins. But in an effort to improve extractive fishing practices, he had finally landed in the business of oyster farming. It incorporates all the things he loves, and at the end of the day, he is only taking out of the ocean what he puts in. Therefore having close to zero impact on the natural ecosystem of Maine waters. For those of you who love his Ocean Kiss oysters, you be excited to try this latest oyster!