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Cape Cod Sea Scallops, 1 Pound

In partnership with our friends at Red's Best, we are excited to bring you one pound of frozen sea scallops - a delicious, quick, healthy and sustainable meal for any night of the week. This is what we are eating right now, and it's keeping us going. ⁣⁣

The texture is buttery and firm with a rich and sweet ocean flavor. They pair well with almost any other food and are incredibly versatile to cook - pan-fried, broiled, grilled, you name it. These sashimi-grade sea scallops are a low-fat source of protein and B vitamins.⁣⁣ And because they come frozen, you can cook them when it works for you.

Red's Best is a Boston seafood wholesaler with an excellent reputation for bringing the best product to market with the greatest of transparency. And sea scallops are the quintessential New England Product. Case in point, the scallops you will be receiving could be from the Kahuna off of Provincetown, or Aidan's Pride off of Chatham. But whatever boat they are from, you'll know, because it will be listed on the packaging.⁣⁣

Scallops ship frozen and vacuum sealed. It is normal for the meat to be partially or completely thawed but cold on arrival. Refrigerate when received. Do not re-freeze.