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Rock Island Oysters from Damariscotta River, Maine

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Farm: Norumbega Oyster

Farmers: Kellie and Eric Peters

Location: Damariscotta River, Maine

Farm History: The Damariscotta River is known for its oysters. The importance of the bivalve can be traced back to the giant shell middens made by the Native American tribes eons ago. Growing up in an area surrounded by this rich history, Eric knew as early as high school that a career in aquaculture was right for him. He and his wife Kellie bring with them over 20 years of expertise growing and harvesting shellfish to their family-run farm. Norumbega Oyster Farm was started in 2006 and has managed to grow in size every year since!

Size: Selects/Petite

How They're Grown: These oysters are grown in floating cages at the surface, never touching the bottom. They are grown in colder water, so they are able to get up to full size in 2 years, while their Norumbega neighbors take 3 years to come to full size.

Why They're Unique: We are huge fans of Norumbega Oysters, so when Eric Peters told us he was harvesting his very first crop of a new oyster, we pounced. Rock Islands, although grown on the same farm, are raised using different bring a whole new flavor to their lineup. Rock Island Oysters are a unique combination of clean and uniform in shape, with a deep-cupped shell that is less commonly seen on a surface grown oyster.