Riptide Oysters from Westport, MA


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Farmer: Kerian Fennelly and his team, Chelsea and Jordan

Location: Westport, MA

Size: 2.5” - 3"

How They’re Grown: Kerian and his crew have a mean oyster game! Riptides are one of two types they grow. These oysters are placed in floating bags designed after Australian “Flip Farms.” Believe it or not, Kerian ordered this special gear from Australia and took it to the next level by designing his own version. He took the bags, tethered them together on one central line, and pulls them across them a hydraulic operated ramp. Kerian certainly embodies the phrase work smarter not harder...don’t be fooled, it’s still very hard work! The Riptides take just over a year to get to market size and are tumbled aggressively during that process, resulting in deep cups and firm shells.

How They Taste: These are pure brine bombs with a nutty sweetness from all of the delicious brackish water influences in the Westport River.

Why They’re Unique: Riptides are grown deep in the East Branch of the Westport River, right behind Horseneck Beach. The area surrounding the farm is pristine, conservation land.

Story: Kerian and his wife, Kristin, started the farm in 2009 and were the first in Westport to receive an aquaculture grant. Talk about making history! Kerian has always been obsessed with the ocean. He received a degree in aquaculture and was lobstering before diving into the oyster world. Their first endeavor was the Beach Plum farm, which is an incredible ocean operation located directly at the mouth of Buzzard’s Bay. The Riptide project started several years later – oddly a stone’s throw away from the Beach Plum farm. Kerian and Kristin also opened up raw bar, called Westport Sea Farms, located where they bring in their oysters. They have 3 daughters and 4 boats – so as you can probably guess – one is named for each daughter and the big ocean boat is named the ‘Kristin Marie.’ Kerian is innovative, full of energy and just an all-around nice dude.

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