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Pleasant Bay Oysters from Orleans, MA

In the face of thousands of restaurant closures, we have made a significant portion of our product collection - normally only reserved for the nation’s best chefs and restaurants - available to order for delivery at wholesale pricing.

These oysters are available for delivery on Thursday, March 19th and Friday, March 20th ONLY.

Farmer: Peter Orcutt and his son Jeff Orcutt

Location: Orleans, MA, SC61

How they’re grown: Pete grows his oysters on the outer cape in the very isolated and pristine Pleasant Bay area. They are grown primarily in bags floated by buoys, and just before harvest, they are put into traditional racks and bags before being hand harvested.

How they taste: They have a classic salty Cape Cod oyster taste, maybe even stronger seawater flavor than the Wellfleets. With a great small but healthy cull, and nice looking meat, we welcome these guys to the family.

Why they’re unique: The harvesting area was created by a historical storm which opened up the breach to the Atlantic Ocean in 1986 and developed Pleasant Bay.

Sizes: Regulars (3”) Selects (2”)

Story: Pete was one of the first people on the cape to start growing oysters back in the 1980s...oh the magic that came out of that decade! He started with the great Dick Krauss, father of shellfish farming in the Bay State, who happens to run ARC which is the only other hatchery in the state of Mass. other than ours. Pretty cool. Also similar to our story, Pete originally started farming clams like Skip back in the day, he switched to oysters and when that crop died, he went back to clams. In the early 90s he thankfully gave it another shot and killed it! He now happily farms his grant on the oceanside of the cape doing what he loves.

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