Peter's Point Oysters from Onset, MA


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Farmers: Bob Tourigny and Dennis Pittsley

Location: Onset, MA

Size: Select: 2.5”-3"

How they’re grown:  Seed is raised in upwellers and moved to floating bags before being planted on the bottom of the bay floor for their grow-out, which is about 18-24 months.  Product is spread over 23 acres at the edge of the canal on Fisherman’s Cove, which gives the oysters access to a huge influx of water and massive amounts of algae to eat.

How they taste: These are a full-on Cape oyster experience!  Meaty and full throughout, they have a firm texture and a good bite with a huge blast of salty water from beginning to end.  Unlike most of our oysters, these aren’t cushioned by sweet flavors–after the brine, they’ve got a strong vegetal seaweed flavor that definitely isn’t shy.  The farmers like to eat ‘em raw but think they go particularly well with a couple of PBR’s.

Why they’re unique:  Small and deep cupped, Peter’s have rounded shells with an unmistakable dark green tint.  All of the oysters are harvested by hand so there’s very little chippage, giving the shells a nice, long shelf life.

Story: Onset Oyster Corporation was founded in 2004 by Bob who was previously a wild commercial quahogger and Dennis, who had been farming shellfish for decades.  In fact, they were the first non-Island Creek oysters we ever sold!  Once, Dennis broke his leg while harvesting and we were his first call…even before the ambulance.