Paines Creek Oysters from Brewster, MA


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Farmer(s): Joey and Paul Werzanski

Location: Brewster, MA

How They’re Grown: Huge 14-foot tides flood the Brewster flats daily, making it the ideal place to grow oysters. Soft sand and a strong current dictate that the oysters must be kept off the bottom, Joey uses trays to house his crop for their entire 2-3 year grow out. During the winter months, the crop is removed from the water and stored, except for a select few---those are for family and friends to snack on in the off-season.

How They Taste: Talk about a flavor journey! High salt, tons of liquor, super sweet finish thanks to a chewy adductor, then tart and vegetal with an iron finish.

Why They’re Unique: This farm is serious about freshness. The harvest is always done at a mid-tide, making sure the oysters remain in the water until the very last second! Once out of the water, barnacles are removed by scrubbing the oysters by hand.

Story: Besides his job out on the water, Joey also owns a pizza parlor named, wait for it---Joey’s Pizza. He thinks that they might be the only pizza place in the country that also owns an oyster farm. Sounds like a match made in heaven if we’ve ever heard of one! His father Paul helps farm the oysters while Joey is back at the shop throwing pies.