North Haven Select Oysters from North Haven, Maine

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Farmers: Adam and Zeb Campbell

Location: North Haven, Maine - This is one of the most beautiful oyster farms we’ve ever seen. Surrounded by rolling hills of tall meadow grass, a few farmhouses sitting atop each hill, and through the valley runs a perfect dirt road, curving between Heidi’s Pond, and a small inlet that leads out to Penobscot Bay. At the top of the inlet, the oysters blanket the bottom of the riverbed in their bright green color. It looks like a Wyeth painting come to life. 

How they’re grown: North Haven's are a product of magic. Round, emerald green, heavy, and not easy to come by. Adam Campbell, who grows them, is a man of many skills. Sea Urchin harvester, fisherman, prodigious father, local wise man, and wizard. Surely, his lease is part of the enchantment - a steady stream of brackish water flowing across the oysters at all times, nestled in a small sun-exposed tidal inlet on the island of North Haven. 

How they taste: All of North Haven Island’s natural wonders come together to produce a bright green shell, when shucked, tastes of the perfect balance of earthiness and brine, with a calm, clean finish. 

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Why they’re unique: Adam was the first person to try and farm oysters on North Haven, so the story begins with him. His understanding of what the oysters need, and especially what they DON'T need - everything he’s learned in the past 20 years of growing oysters - allows this environment to bubble up to its fullest potential. And that might be a metaphor for the North Haven folks, in general. They know how to work with the product and the endlessly giving land, but they don't try to control everything.