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Nonesuch Emerald Oysters from Scarborough, ME

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Farmer: Abigail Carroll

Location: Scarborough, ME

How They’re Grown: Seed is kept at the surface for the first season, before being bottom planted until the oysters reach market size. The entire lease is sub-tidal, so when it’s time to pull the crop out of the water, harvest is done by either swimming or dragging. Oysters are then placed in crates at the surface to spend a week purging any sand or silt from their shells. That extra step ensures that the shells are squeaky clean, inside and out!

How They Taste: Like silk (if we ate get the picture). The texture is buttery and decadent with a kick of brine on the back end.

Why They’re Unique: Location is everything with this oyster! The farm is in an estuary surrounded by a salt mash that is a protected nature preserve. All of that talk amounts to a perfect environment for growing beautiful bi-valves. Thanks Mother Nature!

Size: 2-2.5”

Story: Abigail describes her entrance to the oyster trade as accidental. She had returned home to Maine after a decade trading stock and living in Paris. she was asked to write a business plan for the oyster farm and agreed, with the caveat that she would NOT be getting in the water. Famous last words, as they say--and now she is part of a full-time crew of 4.

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