Mr. Bill's Oysters from Saquish, MA


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Size: 50 Count

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Farmer: Billy Bennett

Location: Saquish, MA

Size: 2.5”

How They’re Grown: There is a very special micro-merroir on the property that Billy has claimed to grow his oysters. They are cage grown and are nestled in the rocks on the point closest to deeper waters facing Clark’s Island. Believe it or not, periwinkles and hermit crabs help Billy maintain his cages by eating the growth that covers up the oysters every tide. During the winter, Billy stacks the cages and puts them in deeper water for safe keeping until the spring.

How They Taste: These oysters demand your attention. They have beautiful deep cups and are packed with flavor – soy sauce, pork fat and a hint of spring onion. These waters stay cool all year long so their extended grow out guarantees thick shells and plump meats!

Why They’re Unique: Billy is finally in retirement after decades of lobstering, fishing and harvesting Island Creeks. Even in retirement, you cannot take the water from the waterman, so he continues the Bennetts’ proud tradition on this special piece of property.

Story: This is a bit of a homecoming for Billy. The Saquish property was owned by his Aunt (Dotty!) and Uncle before he took it over. Because of its remote nature (no running water, no electricity and a 45 minute drive from the farm in Duxbury), Skip took interest in the property and its upkeep and now it’s his. After years of working his own grant for Island Creek, Billy finds a sanctuary in Saquish, a perfect ‘retirement’ project. The tides are longer and the cages are easier to move around, compared to the hand harvesting and dragging that Island Creeks require. He has a nest of ospreys and a few near-by farmers at our Aunt Dotty site to keep him company.

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