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Mere Point Regular Oysters from Brunswick, Maine

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Farmers: Doug Niven, Dan and Derek Devereaux

Location: Maquiot Bay Brunswick, Maine

How They’re Grown: In the late spring, the oyster seed (a.k.a. oyster babies) are grown out in a nursery cage system. As they continue to grow, they are moved to floating cages. Several times during their grow out, the oysters are tossed in a solar paneled tumbler (think cement mixer but greener) to create firm, deep cups. The oysters are transported to deeper water to ensure year-round harvesting. The tenacity it takes to harvest oysters during a long Maine winter is the truest expression of the term ‘Mainer.’ The oysters take around 18 to 24 months to reach market size.

Why They’re Unique: Location, Location, Location! The Algonquin name for this area is Maquiot, meaning “bear place,” in reference to a bear’s desire to be near a rich protein source, in this case fish. For humans and wildlife alike, this is a pristine area to reap the true bounty of the ocean.

Size: Regular (3”)

Story: We love a good back story! Oyster farming happened for this group in a serendipitous manner. Go figure, Doug owned a local newspaper, Dan was a police officer, and Derek was a landscaper! They came together to benefit their community and their environment. After starting with a small harvest in 2016, they have been able to scale their operation over time and now have a crew of five!

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