Little Namskaket Oysters from Orleans, MA


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Size: 50 Count

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Farmer: Dick and JoAnne Laraja

Location: Orleans, MA

How They’re Grown: these are off the bottom oysters, kept in rack and bag and cages their whole life. The farmers are able to walk out to their lease at low tide and access the 1/2 acre they harvest on. Because the lease opens directly to the Atlantic ocean, they pit their oysters off-site in an insulated shed for the winter. These Lil’ Nams (as we like to call them) are only available 9 months out of the year.

How They Taste: Pristine, clean and pure. Invigorating, like diving into the Atlantic ocean in November from a 50 foot cliff.

Why They’re Unique: Namskaket in the Wampanoag language is ‘at the Fishing Place,’ so obviously this spot has been used for hundreds of years as a great source of ocean protein.

Size: Selects (2.5”)

Story: This is a big family effort. A Wes Anderson family vision comes to mind. JoAnne gardens and cares for their grandchildren. Dick practices law, is President of the Homeless Prevention Council and plays guitar in his newly, re-formed rock group from the 60's. Joe, their son, manages Found Oyster, a new oyster bar in Los Angeles. Charity, their employee, is a videographer, florist, violinist and mother of three.