Ichabod Flat Large Oysters from Plymouth, MA

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Farmer: Don Wilkinson, Sean Withington

Location: Plymouth, MA CCB42MA

How they’re grown: These are grown in the same manner as the Island Creeks: nurseried in mesh bags in cages on the bottom and then broadcasted on the flat and left "free-range" for about a year. These are all hand-harvested which gives them maximum shelf-life.

How they taste: They tend significantly toward the meaty, savory end of the spectrum especially in comparison to the Island Creeks. They have a nice buttery taste while still taking advantage of the crisp texture (and thick shells) that the cold waters of CCB (Cape Cod Bay) lends its shellfish.

Size: Large

Why they’re unique: Way back in the day (we're talking the 1980's here so not that far back), Duxbury/ Plymouth Bay wasn't famous for oysters--in fact, no oysters grew here at all. It was known for its succulent wild mussels that occurred in such abundance that fortunes were made year in and year out. By law they had to be dug by hand, so the men who dug them (sometimes up to 4,000 lbs per man per day) were not to be messed with--Skip, in his early twenties, was the youngest of these guys. Needless to say, he got to know many legends from his musseling days. Don Wilkinson is one of them.


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