Fin de la Baie Oysters from New Brunswick, Canada


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Farmer: Wayne Williams

Location: New Brunswick, NB7G

Size: 2.5”

How they’re grown: Fin de la Baies hail from an ecological marvel known as “the end of the bay” (the literal translation of the name!) on the Tormentine Peninsula up in Canada. They’re top cultured, meaning they’re grown in floating cages suspended at the top of an algae-rich ocean layer.  These oysters take 4-5 years to develop enough in size and quality to be harvested, but we’re ok with that!  As Tina Turner says: don’t rush the good things in life…

How they taste: These Canadian treats have a unique burst of flavor reminiscent of the exact environment in which they’re grown: medium-high saltiness and a crisp bite packed into firm meats.  Their appearance is consistent, with pearly white shells and unique tear drop shapes that are unmistakably Fins.

Why they’re unique: The Bay of Bouctouche is fed by 2 rivers and is sheltered and protected by an undeveloped 6-mile long dune…one of New Brunswick’s longest!  This particular area is home to an eco-preservation that protects the rare plants and animals that inhabit the dune.  The sparse population and the clean, frigid waters of the Northumberland Strait create perfect conditions for growing a coldwater oyster!

Story: For Wayne, growing oysters started as a hobby but transitioned into a full-time family business in 2015.  An engineer by trade with many years in the transportation industry under his belt, he is the jack of all trades out on the farm.  The founders of Little Shemogue Oyster Co. had backgrounds in seafood processing and shipping which helped to modernize the business and make it easier to bring these tasty oysters into the US.