Edgewater Regular Oysters From Buzzards Bay, MA

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Farmer: Philip Chiaraluce

Location: Wareham River near Buzzards Bay MA

How They’re Grown: These oysters are grown in floating gear which helps create that full, round cup. These beauties are harvested at 15-20 months from Philip’s 2 acre lease.

How They Taste: We were honestly blown away by these oysters. The meat is dense and delicious. There is a complex root vegetable finish on these oysters after a salty kick.

Why They’re Unique: This area used to be full of oyster farmers back in Colonial times. In the local townhall, there is a map from the 1800’s showing oyster leases lining every inch of shoreline.

Size: 3"

Story: Philip’s farm officially started in 2018 and it is a one man show! Philip has always respected the ocean and appreciated her bounty. When he was growing up, his father was a commercial bay scallop fisherman. The real lightbulb went off for Philip at a clam bake when a friend of his opened a cooler to show off his oysters from his lease in Marion. At that point, Philip knew he had to start his own farm. When he isn’t on the water, Philip jams out to the Grateful Dead, gardens and preps for epic clam bakes with friends. Also, #protip: his oyster secret sauce is pickle juice with a dab of sriracha. Just don’t tell him we told you...

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