Cuttyhunk Oysters from Cuttyhunk, MA

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Farmer: Seth and Dorothy Garfield

Location: Salt Pond, Cuttyhunk Island

How they’re grown: Cuttyhunk is a tiny island between Martha’s Vineyard and Buzzards Bay, but the lease is 10 miles of the coast. The Garfield’s buy their seed and grow them off bottom in Japanese lantern nets. These 3 tier nets are suspended in vertical water columns floated just beneath the surface by buoys. They are then hand harvested at about 18-24 months and available from June-January.

How they taste: An ocean oyster...they are briny and salty. They have a nice round cull with browny, gray mottled shells.

Size: Selects

Why they’re unique: They are a registered trademark oyster, meaning they are the one, the only, Cuttyhunk Oyster around!

Story: Cuttyhunk has about 50 inhabitants that live there year round—they are hardcore. Seth does not live there year round; however, but the oysters do. If you climb up the hill from the bustling fishing dock often covered in massive, 50lb striped bass lying at the sterns of numerous fishing boats, you get to the top of the hill that is the island. Looking down you see green fields of sumac and honeysuckle and poison ivy and small cottages. You also see that the Island is shaped like a doughnut, with a large pond in the middle separated from the ocean on one side only by a small barrier beach that is breached at high tide. This is where Seth’s oysters live and where he has been harvesting for over 3 decades. 

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