Cold Bottom Oysters from Plymouth, MA


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Farmer: Dave and Jennifer Tarantino

Location: Plymouth, MA CCB42MA

Size: 3"

How they’re grown: Seed is placed in a rack and bag system for 18 months before being moved to trays, some of which will be planted in the thick sandy mud off the coast of North Plymouth until they reach market size.  The oysters are constantly handled which creates pristinely clean shells and contributes to a nice, easy shuck.

How they taste: We get a kiss of Maldon sea salt with a touch of chicken bouillon on the finish.  They embody the pure salinity of the Cape but with their own South Shore flare.  These are some of the prettiest and most flavorful oysters coming from Plymouth!  

Why they’re unique:  Dave’s lease is 4 acres but they’re currently only occupying a quarter of it, which means plenty of room for expansion.  A solid tidal flow with tons of nutrients keeps the oysters plump and happy with a great salinity coming from Cape Cod Bay.

Story: Dave, or “cranky oyster guy” as he’s known to his friends, began growing oysters in 2016 after our very own story here at ICO inspired him to start his own farm…no big deal.  He was burnt out on IT sales and together with his wife Jennifer, wanted to build a legacy for their two sons, Chase and Clint.  Dave and Jennifer have truly made their farm a family affair!

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