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Cold Bottom Oysters from Plymouth, MA

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Farmer: David and Jennifer Tarantino

Location: Plymouth, MA CCB42MA

How They’re Grown: They are grown on a lease in North Plymouth in thick sand. The seed is placed in racks and bags for 18 months until moved to trays for final grow out. They have 4 acres total and only use about 1 acre to farm. The shells are pristine from constant handling.

How They Taste: These clean beauties taste like pure Malden sea salt with a kiss of chicken bouillon on the finish. They embody the pure salinity of the Cape but with their own south shore flare.

Why They’re Unique: These are some of the prettiest and most flavorful oysters coming from Plymouth. This is their first year in production and we are very excited to build this relationship!

Story: Believe it or not, our Island Creek Story inspired this family to start their own farm! This is a family operation with husband and wife and their two sons, Chase and Clint. David and Jennifer started the farm to have something special to give their boys. The boys love helping out on the farm whether they are sorting product or removing any crabs or mussels from their crop. David and Jennifer both have other daytime jobs but make the farm a familiar priority and a family affair!

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