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Bombazine Regular Oysters from Ferda Farms, Brunswick, Maine

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Farmers: Chris Burtis, Max Burtis, Sam Dorval, Max Friedman

Location: Brunswick, Maine

How they’re grown: Bombazines are grown on the New Meadows River, accessible by a small dock off of co-owner Chris Burtis' home in Brunswick, Maine. this location comes alive on a sunny day, with deep green pines, blue bird skies, and golden yellow rock jutting into rich aqua water.

How they taste: Powerful brine, with a smooth, honeydew finish.

Size: Regulars

Why they’re unique: The farm sits between two islands in the New Meadows River, one of which is called Bombazine. This works well, because as this crew says, these oysters are the BOMB!

Story: Like many oyster farmers, the crew at Ferda Farms started this endeavor in 2018 as eager and excited rookies (a former shucking master and three high school seniors!) with a passion for aquaculture. They have since made great strides, innovating with hand made, solar powered tumblers, and adapting their process to fit the environment around them. As a result they have introduced a solid boutique oyster to the Maine market that tastes “clean like the state of Maine!“.

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