Beach Point Oysters from Barnstable, MA

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Farmer: Mark Begley

Location: Barnstable, MA, CCB31MA

How they’re grown: Interestingly, Mark Begley grows his oysters like an Aussie. A method called Australian Long Line, which involves round baskets hanging on a long line that floats with the flood tide. It was popularized some years ago in Tasmania, but Mark brought it to Cape Cod for you to reap the benefits.

How they taste: Notably, the texture of the Beach Points is perfect: a meaty, toothy consistency without being chewy or about to burst. They also carry their super salty undertone all the way through. There have savory notes of cheese, specifically parmesan rind. They have a consistently good cull with clean deep cups.

Why they’re unique: Australian long-line! But also, Mark Begley removes all barnacles from the shells by hand. What a guy.

Size Petites (2.75”)

Story: Begley’s story is a long and complicated one, which we will summarize: Owner of Boston restaurant Eastern Standard, Garrett Harker, first tried Beach Points and met Mark many years ago. He made an introduction, so to speak. Now we sell Mark’s oysters both through our wholesale company and at our restaurant, Island Creek Oyster Bar, which we co-own with Garrett Harker. If it’s all starting to sound like an episode of the Sopranos, well, you’re on to something.

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