Bass Point Oysters from Nantucket, MA


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Farmer: Simon Edwardes

Location: Nantucket, MA - NT5

Size: 3”

How they’re grown: The Bass Point farm occupies 6 acres in Nantucket Harbor, 2 of which are situated on soft sand, and 4 on a muddy bottom. The diverse bottomland dictates the grow out in each location: in the area with the sandy bottom, Simon uses wire mesh cages to house the crop, whereas in the muddier area, he has to use all floating gear. Wind is by far the biggest challenge that Simon faces on the farm in either location, as the area is not protected at any angle. The wind can  create 2-3 feet of surf making harvesting unpredictable, but the rough water is great for naturally tumbling the oysters creating strong thick shells!

How they taste: Saltier than a Cape Cod Potato Chip! The Bass Points have a very bright, salty taste that carries you from first taste to finish.

Why they’re unique: There are now 5 farmers growing oysters in this particular part of Nantucket Harbor, but Simon was the first! He was also the first guy to use floating bags out on this part of the island.

Story:  Simon got the name Bass Point because that's the closest landmark to where he harvests. Simon is an absolute smart-ass and loves every minute giving someone a hard time! He was born in South Africa, and after getting a masters in aquaculture in Scotland, he spent 14 years in Costa Rica, where he raised tropical fish for shipment into the U.S. In his free time--which is something people with three kids rarely have--he makes the most of the windy ACK conditions on his surfboard.