1620 Oysters from Plymouth, MA

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Farmer: John Nickerson and his son Matt

Location: Plymouth, Massachusetts CCB42

Size: Petite/Selects

How They’re Grown: Bottom planted, baby! Gosh, do we love a bottom planted oyster. The bay floor is a mixture of mud and sand, which is considered to be gold in the oyster world. That mud also protects the oysters during the colder months so the farmers can harvest all winter long. The bottom planting technique also contributes to the oyster’s shell density and flavor of the meat. The oysters are 18 to 26 months old when harvested for your consumption.

How They Taste: The initial complex nori brine is followed by a strong vegetal richness. These oysters have full cups and are easy to shuck.

Why They’re Unique: These guys are brand-spankin' new! They waited 5 and 1⁄2 years to receive their 4-acre lease from the town of Plymouth (there are still 33 people on that waiting list!). They have been growing oysters for 4 years now and 2019 was their first full-time harvest.

Story: Matt started as a lobsterman in 1997 and after 20 years on a boat, he decided to dive into the world of aquaculture. His Dad was a natural partner out on the water. John retired at 60 from construction work and somehow found himself in another labor-intensive field! Due to the increase in lobstering regulations, Matt found oyster farming a more consistent gig. John and Matt farm with two other friends who help them on the farm.

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