We’re firm believers that wherever you can wield a shucking knife, you can enjoy an oyster. Over a couple beers on the back lawn, with a group of friends at your next dinner party, or standing over the kitchen sink as you cook (it’s what we like to do). Lucky for you, we ship our oysters to any address in the United States, straight from the waters of Duxbury Bay to your door in 24 hours. All of the oysters we send are grown right here by our Duxbury growers. As for flavor, you’ll get a slap of salinity up front, followed by what Skip likes to call a buttery, mossy finish. We think you’ll enjoy them naked or with just a squeeze of lemon. So go ahead and pull out the knife, the lemon wedge, and a little bit of ice. We’ll provide the oysters.
And we'll even teach you how to shuck with a few tips from the "Oyster Dude" CJ Husk:
Q: What is the best type of oyster knife?

A: For shucking Island Creeks and most other East Coast oysters we prefer our very own Island Creek Oysters Shucking Knife. Short and stiff, they are nimble and easy to torque. Most importantly: They are sharp so they slide into the oyster easily. Lots of oyster knives are very dull, presumably to reduce the risk of injury to the shucker, but the duller they are the more force it takes to crack the hinge. Our advice: go sharp, sweat less and don’t mangle your hand.