The Oyster Bed Grill Pan


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Story: The Oyster Bed was created by Tommy and Adam Waller.  With careers in both Military and Public Service, the Waller brothers bring their personal innovation and passion of service from those arenas to the industries of cookware design and coastal restoration.  The concept was born during family get-togethers in advance of Tommy’s deployment, where they bonded over seafood dinners cooked over a fire.

Product Details:

  • 100% metal aluminum alloy

  • Freezer and fridge compatible

  • Grill and oven safe

  • Non-toxic, meets FDA food safety guidelines

  • Product dimensions 14.5”L x 9.25" W x 1.75"D Weight: 2lbs 1oz

    Easy Care & Cleaning Instructions:

    The Oyster Bed does not need to be “seasoned” like cast iron or even stored in a way to prohibit rust/corrosion. Over time, especially when cooking over open flame or campfire, it will gain a nice looking “patina.” It can be tossed in the cabinet, garage, or even left in the BBQ pit outdoors and it’ll be ready to cook when you are. 
    The Oyster Bed is easy to clean with warm soap and water. It is best if allowed to soak for a while prior to scrubbing.  We do not recommend using it in a dishwasher because certain detergents can affect the metal adversely and ruin its luster.

    What you get: 1 Oyster Bed with 6 individual cooking wells and a reservoir to cook larger pieces of food