Saquish Oysters from Saquish, MA


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Farmer: Bob Gosselin

Location: Plymouth Bay, MA

How they’re grown: No bottom planting here!  The Saquish oysters spend 2 years in years in bags, and then an additional year in trays before being harvested at market size.  Cassie used to bottom plant her crop, but decided that she is too old to bend over like that to harvest—we can’t blame her!  Normally the farm is accessed by boat, just a short ride from the Plymouth Boat Yard, but when she is feeling adventurous she can just kayak out to the lease from the family house on Saquish Beach.  The area is rather exposed to the elements so the oysters will come out of the water every winter around Christmas, to be returned when the weather warms in early spring. 

How they taste: Bright metallic notes upfront with a multi-layered earthy flavor (think potato leek soup).  Low but present salt, a nice clean finish with strong shells and full meat.  Strong shells and full meats round out this perfect boutique offering.

Why they’re unique: Plymouth is up and coming on the oyster scene.  The town first started issuing licenses a few years back, there are now 11 farms---and that number will only grow!

Size: 2.5" - 3" on average

Story: Cassie says the family got into the oyster business because her husband is, in her words--nuts.  They used to own a landscaping company until a family illness years ago spurred a move to the remote spit of land known as Saquish, which means “land of many clams”.  Cassie became a full-time teacher at Weymouth High School, teaching Oceanography and other sciences, and an interest in oyster farming was a logical next step!  Since their first harvest in 2015, farming has become a real family affair for the Gosselins. They are a small but mighty crew who commits every weekend from April through the holiday season to tending to the farm.