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Rocky Nook Oysters from Kingston, MA

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 Farmer: Thomas Taylor

Location: Kingston, MA

How They’re Grown: These gems go from seed to bag for 4 months then to 3/4 inch trays. Rocky Nook is a family-run business, all done by hand from seed to sale.

How they taste: Salty, Sweet and Buttery. These oysters have a finish as smooth as glass. They are highly complex with earthy hints of mushroom.

Size: Petite/Selects

Story:  Tom Taylor got his start digging commercial steamers in Duxbury (neighborhood sounds familar!), then harvested mussels and then went on to razor clamming and started his own oyster farm in 2008. In his spare time, Tom likes to escape in his 1974 CJ5 Jeep - sweet ride! and enjoys time with his grandkids.


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