Mill Creek Oysters from Yarmouthport, MA


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Farmer: John and Stephanie Reeve

Location: Mill Creek Yarmouthport, MA CCB-26

How they’re grown: These oysters grow in a sandy location with close proximity to the ocean.  They spend their lifetime in low lying cages that are nestled into the bottom.  The Reeves have 3 acres of property and with a 3 person team, they always have a ton of work to do!  The oysters take 15-18 months to reach market size.

Size: Select (2.5”)

How they taste: Mill Creeks are perfectly balanced in flavor with both sweetness and saltiness playing together like yin and yang.  The surprise is on the finish where we taste wet gravel (in the best possible way!) and an unusual stony minerality that has us coming back for more.

Why they’re unique: Let’s talk geology!  The Reeves have a secret that we believe attributes to their oysters’ flavor.  Kettle ponds were formed millions of years ago from receding glaciers all along Cape Cod.  The fresh water from these ponds is packed full of minerals and the Reeves are lucky enough to have one of these ponds flow directly into their lease.  Minerality as a flavor is not always the easiest to understand so go lick a stone to see what we mean.

Story: We love a good ‘aha moment’ where previous careers are tossed away in favor of the back-breaking labor of oyster farming.  John’s lifelong work was in maritime transportation and logistics so he has always been tied to the ocean and has traveled much of the world.  Stephanie could have never guessed in a million years that this is what they would be doing together, but they love their lives on the water and we are damn lucky to get our hands on their oysters!