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Mants Landing Oysters from Brewster, MA

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Farmer: Scott Leonhardt

Location: Brewster, MA

How they’re grown: Scott says he owns just about every piece of oyster growing equipment ever invented. This sounds like a recipe for backyard farming, an industry-wide phenomenon that spans both coasts, and we are totally guilty of here in Duxbury. Anyhow, after 7 years Scott is still on the hunt for the perfect grow out method, but mostly he uses bags in cages that sit right on the bottom. He buys his seed from Matunuck, Rhode Island. How they taste Clean! These little guys are all salt seaweed. A firecracker of an oyster, they explode out of the gate and fade quick.

Why they’re unique: Scott's is a very small production farm. You're not going to find these anywhere else. They are grown on white sand, which comes through both in  their simple shells and in their squeaky clean flavor.

Size: Select (2”)

Story: Scott Leonhardt and his wife Sally have been growing oysters for a while yet they have not managed to harvest a sizeable crop--a testament to just how hard it is to grow these things. These quintessential boutique east coast oysters are not always available due to their low production numbers. So if you see them on the list, pounce!

Photography by John Greiner-Ferris