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Maine Lobster Meat, 2 Pounds

Community Shellfish uses the best practices out there and their lobster shows it. When it comes off the boat in Bremen, it stays in town and is immediately cooked in artesian well water. No sitting in freshwater for days removing it's merroir. No delay from harvest, to cooking, to shucking. Then it gets flash frozen on-site. That's really cold, and it keeps all the freshness sealed up inside the package which is vacuum-sealed. The resulting lobster is moist and full of flavor. We can get fresh lobster where we live, but even for us, it's an event. And sometimes that's not what we have the energy for. We keep a couple of packages in the freezer and pull it out whenever the mood strikes us and make easy delicious lobster rolls, lobster with butter over polenta, you name it. Lobster mac and cheese. (It's a thing for a reason, folks). As you can see from the pictures, this is a great range of tail, knuckle and claw and it is a substantial portion. It has taken us years to crack the lobster code and we haven't rushed it. This is why.

You get: 2 pounds of previously frozen lobster meat from Bremen, Maine

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