Joly Oysters from Dennis, MA

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Joly Oysters

Farmers: Cara and Jon Joly

Location: Dennis, MA on Cape Cod

How They’re Grown: These oysters are first put in rack and bags and then moved to trays. They mix up a bit of the growing out equipment and keep them completely off the ocean’s floor. They take around 18 months to 2.5 years to get to market size.

How They Taste: Salty and sweet. The Cape Cod fresh brine keeps you coming back for more! They finish with a bright sweetness of seagrass and root veggies.

Size: Selects (2.5")

Why They’re Unique: This is a petite operation. They operate on 1 acre and are making the most of it. They waited 10 years for a shellfish grant and are working hard to bring you these flavor bombs. And yes, they named their oysters after all the hard work they do!

Story: After the long wait, this is the Joly family’s first year of harvesting. Dennis can be a taxing area to grow oysters. The oceanfront debuts all of the possible challenges in regards to weather: nor’easters, ice, ripping winds, and super high tides. It seems like Mother Nature is trying to protect these delicious gems, but have no fear! The Joly family is here.

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