Beach Point Oysters from Barnstable, MA


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Farmer: Mark Begley

Location: Barnstable, MA, CCB31MA

Size: 3”

How they’re grown: Mark grows his oysters like an Aussie. Using a technique called Australian Long Line, oysters are suspended in baskets that float with the tides. When the tides change, the oysters are rocked and tumbled, creating deep cups and strong, clean shells.⁠⁠  The grow-out process takes between 12-18 months.

How they taste: These oysters have a super salty undertone, with savory notes of parmesan rind that lead into a sweet, creamy finish.   They also have a perfectly meaty, toothy texture. A prime example of blending location and technique for a truly unique oyster.⁠⁠

Why they’re unique:  In Barnstable Harbor, the cold, clean waters of Cape Cod Bay mix with spring water from local creeks to give Beach Points their unique flavor.  Mark does everything by hand, even removing all the barnacles from the shells himself.  We appreciate you, Mark!

Story:  Mark’s farm is a family affair!  Initially a weekend farmer, he started the shellfish farm in 1999 after he received a two-acre aquaculture grant. Mark’s brother, Jim is a regular on the farm, and his sons Chris and Mark Anthony were instrumental in the stewardship of the grant.  His wife Linda, and daughter, Michelle are also key players on the farm.

Mark has a Master of Science degree in Engineering from Northeastern University, is on the board of trustees of the Massachusetts Aquaculture Association, and helped develop the Best Management Practices for the Shellfish Culture Industry in Southeastern Massachusetts.  Smarty pants.

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