Bay View Oysters from Dennis, MA


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Quantity: 50 Count

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Farmer:  Tim Phelan

Location: Dennis, Massachusetts

Size: 2" consistent cull

Farming Technique: Tim purchases seed at a ¼ inch size, and tends to it over the next 3 years using a combination of cages, bags and trays. No bottom planting here, the sand is soft and the current strong! Growing off the bottom also helpS to protect the oysters from the area's natural predators and harsh weather from the North.

Unique Factor:  Dennis is fast becoming a real force in the oyster market, with nearly 32 farms that line the coast. A truly seasonal offering, these ‘sters need to be removed from the water and pitted over the winter, we are excited for their spring debut!

Salinity: 7 out of 10 (a bit saltier than ICO's)

Flavor Notes:  Bay Views have a beautifully consistent cull, pearly white shells and remarkably deep cups. A taste reveals a quick burst of salt and sweet baby carrots on the finish.

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