Abigail Pearl Oysters from Scarborough, ME

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Farmer:  Abigail Carroll

Location: Scarborough, ME

Size: Selects (3”)

Farming Technique: Seed will spend the summer months in floating bags at the surface. When fall arrives, the oysters will be stacked in trays and kept in deeper water for the winter months to protect the crop from the threat of ice and frigid temperatures. The trays will be un-stacked in the spring and spread over the more shallow parts of the lease until they reach market size. 

Unique Factor: Location is everything with this oyster. The farm is in an estuary surrounded by a salt mash that is a protected nature preserve, which provides a perfect environment for growing beautiful bi-valves. Thanks, Mother're great.

Salinity/Flavor Notes: With smooth, delicate meat and a sometimes
snow white shell, they offer an estuarial mix of salt and sweetness but with more pronounced brine and distinct notes of sea-grass.

Other Stuff: Abigail describes her entrance to the oyster trade as accidental. She had returned home to Maine after a decade trading stock and living in Paris. she was asked to write a business plan for the oyster farm and agreed, with the caveat that she would NOT be getting in the water. Famous last words, as they say--and now she is part of a full-time crew of 4. 

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