Chatham Oysters from Chatham, MA

 In the face of thousands of restaurant closures, we have made a significant portion of our product collection - normally only reserved for the nation’s best chefs and restaurants - available to order for delivery at wholesale pricing.

These oysters are available for delivery on Thursday, March 19th and Friday, March 20th ONLY.

Farmer: Stephen Wright, John Richards

Location: Chatham, MA

How they’re grown: Most of the Chatham oysters are grown in the traditional rack and bag method, suspended on rebar racks just above the sea floor. The only problem is that the winter ice has a tendency to pick these racks up and move them wherever they want—without telling anybody. We’re able to offer these oysters year-round, however, because they plant a small number directly on the bottom—free range oysters.

How they taste: The Chathams are a classic Cape Cod oyster. They have very defined stages to their flavor profile—a big burst of salt up front, vegetables in the middle, and a sweet finish. They have a firm texture and a well-defined abductor muscle that gives you something to bite into.

Why they’re unique: Quality is what sets the Chathams apart. Everything about them—flavor, texture, shell thickness, cup depth, shuckability, cull—is pitch perfect.

 Story: Steve Wright is one of the most dedicated farmers we know. He runs our local trade association, makes calls, runs deliveries, and grows a damn fine oyster. We’ve known him for years and we carry his oysters in our own restaurant because they are among the best in New England. Enjoy them knowing how much work went into producing them.


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