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Spring Creek Oysters from Barnstable, MA

The Spring Creek's are one of our favorite Barnstable oysters.

These days, Barnstable is one of the most notable up-and-coming growing area in New England. This is because there are lots of different people who have been granted leases to grow oysters in it’s enormous harbor.  This means there are lots of good oysters coming out of there, but also some not-so-good oysters. Scott is one of the gems. 

Farmer: Scott and Tina Laurie

Location: Barnstable, MA

How They’re Grown:  Like many Barnstable oysters, the Spring Creeks are grown in trays, suspended above the mud flat where they live.  They are tumbled at various points in the grow-out process to promote their nice deep cup and round shape.

How they taste: Balanced Complex and Sweet

Where they are grown: The Barnstable grants are located behind the epic dunes of breathtaking Sandy Neck beach and are subject to the brackish flow of Scorton and Spring Creeks. Among these, Scott Laurie’s lease is the absolute closest to the mouth of Spring Creek.  This means they have a beautifully delicate and mild flavor.  Its a big lease that he shares with other family members, so they are planted a very low density. 

Story:  Scott Laurie got his start fishing for king crab in Alaska - the guy's a legend. He moved onto shellfishing on Cape Cod —digging hardshells and farming steamers—and then moved into oysters about seven years ago.  Man, are we glad he did.  Not only does he put out some excellent ‘sters, but both his wife Tina and his son have farms as well, so the Spring Creeks are consistent and family grown.  


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