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The Half Shell Half & Half, Wellfleet Edition

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As a mother's day special, we are doing a takeover of our very popular Half & Half package of 50 Island Creek oysters and 50 clams - The Half & Half Wellfleet Edition.

We are proud to buy from some of the best growers in Wellfleet. It's a town loaded with shellfish farmers, fishermen and tellers of the tallest tales. Barbara Austin is one of the most standout figures in town and in the industry. She has been farming oysters for over 35 years and is a mother to so many - 2 kids, 5 grandkids, 5 dogs, 2 horses, a whole lot of chickens and endless shellfish - not to mention all the farmers in Wellfleet she has mentored along the way. We are proud to work with Barbara, and her son, and to be selling their product this Mothers day. 

Welfleet's are known for their high salinity and their clean simple finish. They are a bit milder than some of our other oysters and clams, except for the full blast of salt. Depending on the season, they can have a trace of minerality towards the end - and the clams have a beautiful vegetal flavor that makes them both easy to cook but delicious to eat raw. 

In this package, you get:

50 Wellfleet Oysters

50 Wellfleet Littleneck Clams