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Tin of the Month Club

You get: 3 tins a month!

You may have noticed that we sell a lot of tinned fish on our website. But did you know that we are eating many more tins than that every month? Tasting, adding, subtracting - tinned fish is hot topic at Island Creek. We would love for you to be in on the conversation!

Enter Tin of the Month Club. Every month we will send you three tins of whatever we are loving at that moment. Some of what is on our site currently and some boutique stuff that we save for ourselves. And this month, we will send a gift box with a bonus tin for you to put under the tree. Order that now so it can arrive on time for the holiday! Gift boxes will ship when the TOTM is ordered, but subscriptions will start on January 2021.

3-month membership: $125



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